Meet an isolés

Jesper Grundahl
and the Music

It is a typical late summer day in North Zealand. Typical in an unpredictable way. The sun battles intensely with heavy clouds, which periodically dump violent showers onto the landscape. This dampens the warm air, which is thick with the scent of fresh rain.

Jesper Grundahl’s home offers welcome shelter. His dog, Cooper, lies by the window enjoying the sporadic sunlight through the window, his labradoodle playfulness given way to a moment of slumber on the warm blanket.

Autumn / Winter

Shelter Collection

Those autumn rides where the sun seems to hide and all you need is a little bit of extra shelter.
Shelter is light, elastic and offers you the highest level of protection against the elements.


As cyclists we have a unique connection to the outdoors. The roads we ride carry us through beautiful landscapes and bring us in close contact to the whims of mother nature. We can see first hand the effects of climate change on the environment.

Journey of an isolés

The development of isolés products is informed by years of cycle racing.
Whether you are riding in deep winter clothing or the lightest summer jersey, you can be certain that we have been there and know what is required in order for you to be comfortable and enjoy your ride.

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