Women's Jean Collection

Following our minimalist streamlined Nordic design identity the Jean Collection is inspired by the most classic and historical cycling designs from the past century.

It is made for hard riding with italian high-quality, performance materials - with the goal to offer you the most comfortable summer rides. Where ever you ride.

Paul Collection

Daily riding kit, iconic and refined.

These are key products in any rider’s wardrobe, inspired by the first rider to win the isolés category in the world’s greatest race.

Journey of an isolés

The development of isolés products is informed by years of cycle racing.
Whether you are riding in deep winter clothing or the lightest summer jersey, you can be certain that we have been there and know what is required in order for you to be comfortable and enjoy your ride.


As cyclists we have a unique connection to the outdoors. The roads we ride carry us through beautiful landscapes and bring us in close contact to the whims of mother nature. We can see first hand the effects of climate change on the environment.

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