isolés is about that feeling we all have as cyclists, those moments in a ride when we can reflect inwards, meditate on what it means to be a part of something much bigger, but still individual.

The term isolés was given to the category of cyclists on early editions of the Tour de France who rode with no team and no sponsor. They rode for themselves, independent of outside influences.

We wanted to establish a brand that addressed our needs as isolated riders while simultaneously respecting and interacting with the environment around us, be that other riders, road users or nature. An isolés rider is cycling for pleasure, not pain, and does so with a respectful appreciation for the environment.

isolés was established in Vejle in 2018 to address a need for quality, stylish, yet affordable and environmentally conscious cyclewear. Our kit embraces the timeless design sensibilities that have become synonymous with Denmark.


isolés was founded by Danish cyclists Henrik Dahl Rubak and Jakob Fuglsang to meet a demand for elegant, functional cycle clothing that embraced Nordic design values.

The development of isolés products is informed by years of cycle racing. 

Co Founder Jakob Fuglsang has been a professional cyclist for more than a decade and currently rides for WorldTour team Astana. His rollcall of palmares includes stage wins at all of the Grand Tours.

Founder Henrik Dahl Rubak is a former semi-professional cyclist who raced his under-23 years in different Italian teams, until he realised that “lack of talent” would always separate him from riders in the peloton like Giovanni Visconti and Vincenzo Nibali. Henrik quit the italian dream to focus on a 12-year career producing the finest quality cycling clothing.

Both founder Henrik and co-founder Jakob have a deep knowledge of what is required of cycle garments in order for them to meet the needs of a cyclist. Whether you are riding in deep winter clothing or the lightest summer jersey, you can be certain that Jakob and Henrik have been there and know what is required in order for you to be comfortable and enjoy your ride.


isolés is proudly environmentally conscious and it is our stated aim to become 70 per cent recycled in our product lines by 2025.
Additionally, isolés garments are built to last, and are timelessly styled to enable you to pair them seamlessly with your current cycling wardrobe. If each isolés garment you purchase services your needs for years to come, we feel we’ve done our job.