About isolés

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isolés was founded by Danish cyclist Henrik Dahl Rubak to meet a demand for elegant, functional cycle clothing that embraced Nordic design values.

Developed by riders

The development of isolés products is informed by years of cycle racing. 

Henrik Dahl Rubak is a former semi-professional cyclist who raced his under-23 years in different Italian teams, until he realised that “lack of talent” would always separate him from riders in the peloton like Giovanni Visconti and Vincenzo Nibali. Henrik quit the italian dream to focus on a 12-year career producing the finest quality cycling clothing.


We have a deep knowledge of what is required of cycle garments in order for them to meet the needs of a cyclist. Whether you are riding in deep winter clothing or the lightest summer jersey, you can be certain that we have been there and know what is required in order for you to be comfortable and enjoy your ride.

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